Simple* Recipes for Not-so-Simple Foods

I love to cook. I love to bake. And inventing new recipes (especially when they're recipes for friends or family members with special dietary needs) is one of my favorite stress-relievers! I especially love it when someone challenges me to create a recipe using unexpected ingredients--And I have a standing promise to all of my friends that if they send me a letter to tell me about a minor miracle they've witnessed in their daily life, I will create any kind of cookie they request in return.

I don't always remember to write down the new recipes I invent, but I'm trying to get better about doing that, so I can share them when people ask. Here are some of our favorites. Most of the posts include the stories behind the recipes too: who I made it for, and why.

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* ... Well, they're mostly simple recipes. I enjoy the challenge of simplifying complex recipes to find an easier / less expensive / less time-consuming way to do it. But sometimes I create recipes for a different kind of challenge (usually to fit a specific dietary need) and so some recipes might be a bit more complicated than others. Still, I strive to make all of my recipes easy (and inexpensive) enough for anyone to make.