My absolute favorite part of being an author is meeting with readers. I’m available for in-person and virtual school visits or book club & writer's group discussions, library talks and writing workshops, and conference presentations. Download my school and library visits brochure or scroll to the bottom of this page for information on my current speaking fees* as well as what you can expect (and what I expect) for an author visit, and a sample of some available programs.

Then visit my contact page to reach out to me!

*Discounted rate for local presentations: If you are located within the Baltimore, MD metro area, please contact me for a 10% discount on my current speaking fees. Also, for local presentations, I don't need to charge for lodging or mileage, though I may ask you to pay for my parking if you do not have free parking available on site for me.

Veronica Bartles, author of Twelve Steps and The Princess and the Frogs
Lunchtime with the Author: Polk Middle (Albuquerque, NM)
Book Signing at Freedom Hill Elementary School's Read Across America Night
Read Across America Night: Freedom Hill Elementary (Vienna, VA)
Discovering the magic of What if? with the third graders of North White Elementary
The Magic of What If?: North White Elementary (Monon, IN)
Veronica Bartles presents a small press vs. large press at SCBWI Maryland regional conference
"Small Press vs. Large Press" workshop: MD SCBWI 2017


Presentations Available
Embrace the Magic of Asking What if? with colorful question marks surrounding the words
How to Write a Cake with a drawing of a decorated 2 layer birthday cake


Every cake starts with the same basic ingredients: eggs, flour, milk… Every story also starts with the same basic ingredients: character, setting, plot… We will start with the basics, then add a healthy helping of "What if?" to choose the right layers and decorations for creating a delicious story "cake!"

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale with a cartoon frog prince puckered up for a kiss


Everyone knows that fairy tales always end happily. But is the accepted ending always the happiest? In this workshop, we will use the magical question "What if?" to take a story we already know and love, pull it apart, twist it upside down and inside out, then put it back together to create something new!

Histories, Herstories, & Theirstories: How to Turn True Stories into Truly Great Fiction, with a drawing of a stack of books


They say truth is stranger than fiction. In this workshop, we'll go beyond "that’s what really happened!" to turn true stories into truly great (believable) fiction. We'll apply the magical "What if?" to the old adage "write what you know" to discover the heart of our personal stories and other true tales.

How to Fail Fearlessly, with an explosion happening behind the word fail


Author life isn't easy. Rejections from editors before publication and negative reviews after. Why do we do it? I'll tell you my secret: my biggest successes happened BECAUSE of failure, not in spite of it! We'll apply the magic of "What if?" to turn our personal stumbling blocks into stepping stones.


Be Open to Surprises (tech issues & student insights): May 2020
On the Importance of Flexibility in Author Visits: May 2020
Powhatan High School Author Panel: March 2019
On Keeping an Audience Engaged: May 2020
Selling Yourself without Selling Yourself Short with icons to represent the 6 courses of the SYWSYS system
Wonderful Websites that Work with a drawing of a laptop with an author website on display


You need a website, but doing it yourself seems daunting, and hiring a professional web designer just isn't in the budget. Do you have to learn web design? And why didn't they tell you that being a KidLit Creator meant wearing so many hats?

Don't worry! In this course, you'll set up a basic website with essentials that every Kidlit Creator's site needs, add extras to make it shine, and discover easy ways to make your website accessible. Let's build your "Dream Home" on the web!

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale with a cartoon frog prince puckered up for a kiss


An online presence is a major part of marketing. But figuring it out can be overwhelming. Do you need to be on Twitter? Facebook? Snapchat? Tik Tok? Do you have to follow everyone? Engage with every meme? How often do you upload new content?

Don’t fret! In this course, we’ll explore different platforms, examine your goals, make lists to organize your feeds, and set up your own personal social media plan. We’ll put the "social" back in social media so you can really shine online!

Your Perfect Presentation, with a depiction of a whiteboard that has stick-figure drawings of children and text that says My story matters... and yours does too!


Before you set up school and library visits, you need to have a presentation ready. But how do you know what to share? Do you really have something worthwhile? Of course you do! You have a story that is uniquely yours—one only you can tell!

Your "Perfect Presentation" isn't about being flawless, perfectly on-point, or even inspirational. It's about recognizing and sharing a unique perspective that places your book in conversation with the world. It’s about being Perfectly You.

Reach Out & Stand Out, with a bright yellow daisy sticking out of a bouquet of roses


You have your Perfect Presentation, but your phone isn’t ringing. What can you do? Send an email? Postcard? Singing telegram? Sneak into the bookstore to secretly sign all of your books? Camp out in the library? Offer events for free?? Nope!

Marketing isn’t a dirty word! In this course, you’ll embrace your unique voice as we explore tips, hints, and tricks from real teachers, librarians, and booksellers on ways to establish lasting relationships with those you want to work with.

Marvelous Media Kits on an illustrated stack of file folders


Your Media Kit contains your bio, book info, high-res images, and everything a bookstore, school, library, or literature lover needs to promote you, your books, and your bookish events! Link it on your website for maximum marketing momentum!

Do you really need an official “Media Kit?” Yes! A frustrated blogger who can’t find your downloadable book cover might spotlight someone else. In this course, we’ll go through each element and put a kit together, then learn how to share it!

Make Meaningful Connections, surrounded by a heart made out of diverse illustrations of children over a background of books


Your first school visit! Your PowerPoint is queued, and you are ready! But the kindergarten is wiggly. The 5th-grade teachers are chatting. And no one sees the kid in the back, carefully placing a frog on the head of the girl with the curls.

Even a seasoned school visit pro may have trouble keeping an audience of unruly elementary students engaged. But don't give up yet! In this course, we’ll explore fun and practical ways to keep an audience engaged, both in-person and online.

SYWSYS in green and purple in the center of a white circle, in front of a background of green and purple stripes


Selling Yourself Without Selling Yourself Short series—Schedule 6 webinars or one intensive in-person writers’ retreat (2 days: 3 courses per day or 3 days: 2 per day). My self-paced virtual course may be more cost-effective for individuals.

You’ll get all six courses in the series: Wonderful Websites that Work, Shine Online, Your Perfect Presentation, Reach Out & Stand Out, Marvelous Media Kits, and Make Meaningful Connections. Choose pre-recorded or live, virtual or in-person.

SYWSYS in green and purple in the center of a white circle, in front of a background of green and purple stripes, with an illustrated computer that shows a smiling picture of Veronica Bartles and a chat window on the screen


Selling Yourself Without Selling Yourself Short pre-recorded series—This self-paced course is a more cost-effective way for individuals to get the whole SYWSYS system. You will receive all of the instruction\materials as in the live course.

You’ll get all six courses: Wonderful Websites that Work, Shine Online, Your Perfect Presentation, Reach Out & Stand Out, Marvelous Media Kits, and Make Meaningful Connections. Plus a 1-on-1 Zoom call with me to check in and ask questions.


Other Available Presentations with images of frogs reading Twelve Steps and The Princess and the Frogs, a stack of mattresses covering a large pea, and a kissing frog
The Drama is in the Details, with a theater curtain surrounding the text, and theater masks hanging from the A's in Drama


Writing a story is easy. All you need is a character, a setting, a beginning, middle, and end. But writing a good story? One that makes a reader feel like they’ve stepped into a new world? That takes a bit more. We’ll explore ways to use all five senses to add depth, dimension, and drama to your writing.

Fun Facts About Frogs Storytime & Craft with a frog holding a book on stage, and a cartoon frog prince puckered up for a kiss peeking out from behind the curtain


We’ll read my picture book, The Princess and the Frogs, and I’ll share some fascinating facts about frogs that I learned while writing this book. Add an optional craft activity, if desired. (Please contact me for details on currently available crafts for this event—additional materials fee may apply.)

Covering Problems Won't Take Them Away, with a stack of mattresses covering a very large pea on a stage, and a kissing frog  peeking out from behind the curtains


"There’s nothing relatable..." "No one in their right mind would care…" As an autistic author, I’ve heard a lot from folks who want my characters to be more "normal." We’ll take a look at some "problem" stories and why they matter—including a discussion on whether you are the right one to tell the story.

Create Your Own Custom Presentation


Whether you’re looking for something for cross-curriculum learning (i.e. "A Surplus of Princes & Shortage of Frogs"—high school economics through a picture book lens!) or a way to address a specific issue your community faces, I’m happy to work with you! Please contact me to discuss your needs.



What to Expect


full-day program

This option is most popular and best suited for schools. Choose from one of three options to build your day, then add on any options you desire. If you want\need something you don't see listed, please let me know. I'm happy to work with you!

  • Base rate for 2023: $1,000 plus mileage & lodging (if not local)
  • Up to three 45-minute small-group workshops
    • 1-2 classrooms (or up to 35 students) each
    • Choose from existing presentations, or request a custom program
  • OR … Two large assemblies (up to 300 students)
  • OR … Combine one large assembly with 1-2 small-group workshops
  • Tight budget? Partner with another school\library for half-day visits!


Add-On Options

  • Lunch with the Author—free upon request—up to 15 pre-selected students and\or interested teachers. Bring your own lunch and lots of questions!
  • Literature Night—additional fee—evening event for students & families
    • Custom: choose story time, craft, Q&A, workshops, etc.
    • Stand-alone event or add-on to a full\half day
  • Book Sales & Signing—upon request—I can help with contacting a local book store to coordinate sales for the event, if needed.

half-day program

This option available for schools and libraries within my "home" area, or those who partner with another school\library to share costs. Choose from one of two options below. Add-ons may be available, depending upon how the day is split between partner schools.

  • Base rate for 2024: $650 plus mileage
  • Up to two 45-minute small-group workshops (35 students)
  • OR... one large assembly (300 students)


Single Workshop

This is a low-cost option for public libraries, as my way of saying Thank You for the way you build, support, and grow our communities. I know you don't always get the support you need, so I want to work with you to develop programming that fits your budget.

  • Base rate for 2023: $300 plus mileage & lodging (if necessary)
  • Choose from existing presentations, or request a custom program
  • Workshops can be 45-, 60- or 90-minutes in length
    • 2- or 3-hour workshops available upon request—additional fees apply
  • Many presentations can be tailored to audiences pre-K to adult
  • Partner with local schools\other libraries for best results
    • Increase excitement\attendance: Combine promotional efforts
    • Split the cost of mileage\lodging
    • Each partner will receive a discounted rate


Tips for a Successful Author Visit
  • Read and discuss my book(s) in advance, so you have plenty of questions to ask!
  • Put the visit on your calendar and\or website
  • Send reminder emails to your mailing list
  • Send a flyer to parents about the upcoming visit, along with order forms for book pre-orders
  • Prime students and teachers for the visit by sharing "About the Author" information and thinking of questions to ask
  • Follow-up with activities, writing assignments, and class discussions relating to the author presentation
  • Please let me know in advance if the school\library will provide A\V equipment (microphone, projector, etc.)
  • Be vigilant about students' behavior during presentations!
    • Teachers: sit with your students to model appropriate behavior
    • Teachers are welcomed and encouraged to participate
  • Pay the agreed-upon fee on the day of the visit
    • Payments should be made to Veronica Bartles
  • Please let me know if you need to work out a discounted fee or adjusted payment plan. I firmly believe that all students deserve opportunities to fall in love with literacy, and would love to work with you to tailor a program that fits your needs and budget!