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Indie Author Publishing Package

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To order, check out my ordering instructions & design guidelines, and then contact me for a quote!

Whether you need a complete book formatting package, including a custom, full book cover and interior formatting for both print and Kindle formats (add an .epub version to your package for a small extra fee) or just a little bit of help putting the finishing touches on your self-published book, I would love to help you create the book of your heart!

To Create Your Custom Book Package, choose from the following:

(Samples on this page from The Light from Other Suns by V.E. Lemp. --- Cover design & Interior formatting by VBartles Design; Cover artwork by Anne Drury)

Full-Cover Design for Print Book - If you don't have custom artwork for your cover, I'll combine stock images to create something new and unique, with fonts selected to coordinate with both the cover images and the overall feel/themes of your book. To ensure that you won't find a carbon-copy cover on anyone else's book, I will search for images that haven't been widely used, AND I will alter and combine the images we do find to make them uniquely yours. (For details, please see my How it Works page.) Of course, you are always welcome to commission your own artwork for the cover. I'd be happy to recommend some fabulous artists, if you wish. This price also includes formatting the spine and back cover of your book to be both eye-catching and easy to read.

The Light from Other Suns by V.E. Lemp -- book cover design by Veronica Bartles. Cover Art by Anne Drury


Interior (black-and-white) POD & Kindle Formatting - Even the littlest details make a difference when formatting a book. And I pay attention to the little details. This includes (at no extra charge) things that some people might consider "extras." You will receive, included in the package price, fancy swashes to signal scene breaks, chapter titles formatted to match your cover font, and different fonts to indicate things like letters, diary entries, and emails. (Note: extra fonts are for the print formatting only, as ebooks don't recognize different fonts and will revert to the default font anyway.)

Book interior formatting for The Light from Other Suns by V.E. Lemp

Book interior formatting for The Light from Other Suns by V.E. Lemp


Cover Image .jpg file for sharing your cover online -- You can also order shareable teaser graphics (or web buttons or animated GIF images ...) to promote your book online.

The Light from Other Suns by V.E. Lemp -- book cover design by Veronica Bartles. Cover Art by Anne Drury

Bookmarks (or other swag) -- Why not take advantage of one-stop shopping and order your swag together with your book design? I can give you a discounted rate on the swag if I'm working on those designs and book cover/formatting simultaneously.

** Please remember: this DOES NOT INCLUDE editing/copyediting, or proofreading of your manuscript or cover text. Please make sure that your file is fully edited and free of typos before ordering this design package. (If needed, I can suggest a few great editors/copyeditors for you to choose from.) I will work to ensure that the finished product is visually appealing and formatted properly, but I cannot be responsible for typos or grammar errors in the finished book or cover art.


** Note: Prices DO NOT include proofreading / copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included in your designs before submitting the information to me, and please double-check all proofs thoroughly, as I will not be responsible for typos or misinformation in your final images!

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