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HOW TO FRACTURE A FAIRY TALE WRITING WORKSHOP We all have favorite fairy tales that we've known and loved forever. But what if the "happily ever after" you expect didn't happen? What if the characters were different? What if the setting shifted? Explore the power of the magical question "What if?" with Veronica Bartles, author of the fractured fairy tale THE PRINCESS AND THE FROGS, and dream up a whole host of new possibilities for your favorite stories! Grab some paper, a story-writing pencil (or pen), and your imagination! This on-demand writing workshop for kids* will help you explore the stories you already know and love through the magical power of Veronica's favorite question: What If? Registration for this writing workshop is available for individual students, or for class groups (up to 30 students) or larger groups (like a full grade or school). Please contact Veronica directly to sign up for a class or school group workshop bundle. *Grown-ups who know (or want to remember) how to be silly are invited to join us too! You're never too old to imagine new possibilities and dream up new happy endings!