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Just for Fun

Author Veronica Bartles, juggling all the things


Savannah Chesterton

Senior: Southbrook High School

I don’t really know Alaina Andersen. I never see her outside of school, so I can’t tell you much about her. We don’t really run in the same crowd. She’s one of those super popular cheerleader types, and I’m kind of a geek, so we don’t exactly hang out with the same class of people. I don’t think Alaina’s actually on the cheer squad, but she’s friends with all the cheerleaders and jocks, so she might as well be one of them.

She seems nice, I guess. Even though she’s super pretty and popular, she isn’t one of those mean girls you see in the movies. She doesn’t make fun of people, and I never hear her spreading rumors or anything. And she’s always doing nice things for people. Like last week, when Katie got that really bad haircut, Alaina didn’t laugh at her like everyone else. Instead, she and her sister Andrea pulled Katie into the bathroom at lunch for a makeover. I don’t know how they did it, but by the time 5th period rolled around, Katie looked amazing!

Alaina’s in my World Cultures class, but we’ve never actually talked to each other. She’s kind of quiet. She just sits in the back of the room, writing in that notebook she’s always carrying around. I don’t think she’s taking notes, and sometimes it looks like she’s not even paying attention, but whenever Mr. Finn calls on her, she always knows the answers right away. I guess she must be pretty smart.

Rachel Nichols

Head Cheerleader: Southbrook High School Varsity Cheer Squad

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Pete MacDonald

Trumpet Section-Leader: Southbrook High School Marching Band

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Andi Andersen

Junior: Southbrook High School (Alaina's younger sister)

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Tony Mariano

President: Southbrook High School Drama Club

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