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Just for Fun

Author Veronica Bartles, juggling all the things


Tony Mariano

President: Southbrook High School Drama Club

I’ve known Alaina since we were in Mr. Kirtland’s kindergarten class together, and she’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. In third grade, when that @&%!# Kendra moved in, and no one liked her at all, Alaina decided she couldn’t let Kendra be lonely. She asked Kendra to sit with us at lunch, and she kept inviting her to play with us at recess until we all kind of got used to having her around. I don’t know why Alaina still puts up with the @&%!#, but maybe she sees something in her that the rest of us don’t.

Alaina’s good at that. When I joined the drama club last year, and the rumors started flying about me, Alaina’s the only one who didn’t stand in line to cast judgment. I’m still the same old Tony I’ve always been, but Pete and Mike and all the guys I used to play soccer with won’t look me in the eye, and they move to the other side of the hall when they see me coming. Kendra and the other vapid bimbos make snide comments and giggle behind my back, just loud enough so they’re sure I can hear them. Alaina’s the only one who doesn’t act like I’m contagious. I know I can always count on a big, friendly hug from Alaina when I’m having a bad day. She’s the only thing I’ll miss about this place when we graduate!

Rachel Nichols

Head Cheerleader: Southbrook High School Varsity Cheer Squad

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Pete MacDonald

Trumpet Section-Leader: Southbrook High School Marching Band

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Andi Andersen

Junior: Southbrook High School (Alaina's younger sister)

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Savannah Chesterton

Senior: Southbrook High School

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