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Andi Andersen*

Junior, Southbrook High School

My wonderful older sister is completely lost. Not in a bad way. She just refuses to see the bad in anyone, and as her friend Jared likes to say, she looks at the world through "rainbows and bubbles." She is honestly one of the last true innocents in the world. Thus her reality is a bit skewed... especially when it comes to seeing herself.

Laina's "best friend" is a selfish jerk. Kendra has always been out for only herself and unfortunately Alaina is too nice to see it. Kendra has walked over my sister for so long I think she would fall if Laina wasn’t there to support her. Kendra uses her not-so-subtle insults of my sister to boost herself. Unfortunately for Laina, the "flaws" Kendra invents do nothing to help my sister's already warped image of herself. So it's my job to remind Laina every chance I get that she is a breathtaking Barbie doll and try to get her to see that Kendra is a witch.

Laina doesn't see it, though. She can't see anyone's flaws, except her own imaginary ones. She sees wonder and beauty in the entire world, but she never seems to see that same beauty in herself. I hate that she always listens to Kendra!

I guess it's partly because Laina's always felt awkward about herself. When all of her friends in elementary school were taking the training wheels off their bikes, she was putting a training bra on. To say my sister developed early is an understatement. By the time she was 12, she had a figure that girls in Las Vegas pay a lot of money for. She was taller than most, even the boys, so of course before boys realized they liked her, they teased her. She developed an insecurity about her looks that caused her to hide behind her brain and her baggy T-shirts. You've got to love her for the effort, but you just cannot hide an attribute like that. All she managed to do was hide the rest of her fabulous figure.


*Note: I didn't write this description of Laina. This is the bit of fan fiction written by my little sister (after she read an early manuscript of my first novel) that sparked the idea for TWELVE STEPS.

Rachel Nichols

Head Cheerleader: Southbrook High School Varsity Cheer Squad

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Pete MacDonald

Trumpet Section-Leader: Southbrook High School Marching Band

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Tony Mariano

President: Southbrook High School Drama Club

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Savannah Chesterton

Senior: Southbrook High School

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