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Author Veronica Bartles, juggling all the things


Once upon a time, when I was working on my first manuscript (the precursor to TWELVE STEPS)... Alaina Andersen, Andi's older sister and the main character in that first manuscript, got into a beligerent mood and stopped speaking to me. This sort of thing happens frequently to writers, as characters take on a life of their own. And most of us have a variety of creative ways to deal with stubborn characters. I realized I needed to understand her better, so I turned to her friends and classmates for help. A few of them responded, to give me their perspectives on Alaina...

Andi Andersen

Junior: Southbrook High School (Alaina's younger sister)

My wonderful older sister is completely lost.... Read more

Pete MacDonald

Trumpet Section-Leader: Southbrook High School Marching Band

Alaina Andersen wants me. ... Read more

Rachel Nichols

Head Cheerleader: Southbrook High School Varsity Cheer Squad

I hate Alaina Andersen! ... Read more 

Tony Mariano

President: Southbrook High School Drama Club

I've known Alaina since we were in Mr. Kirtland's kindergarten class together ... Read more

Savannah Chesterton

Senior: Southbrook High School

I don’t really know Alaina Andersen. ... Read more



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