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Crock Pot Gourmet, Delicious Desserts, and more (mostly) easy recipes to fit any diet


People often ask why I create vegan recipes if I don't personally follow a vegan diet. The answer is simple and two-fold:

#1 - I have a lot of friends who need a vegan diet for a variety of health reasons, and several of them have mentioned to me that they wish easy vegan recipes were easier to find.

#2 - It just happened that way. I'll admit, most of my vegan recipes are simply accidentally vegan. I cook the things that sound delicious to me, using the ingredients I happen to have on hand when I get into recipe creation mode. And because I love fruits and veggies more than any other food group, I often end up with vegetarian dishes. Many of those dishes simply have no animal products in them at all (or it would be very easy to alter the recipe with one substituted (or omitted) ingredient to fit the diets of my vegan friends. Those are the recipes I've included here. (And I'm sure there will be many more to come!)




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