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Light Side JarodWho Looks More Like Jarod?Dark Side Jarod

For months, I've been agonizing over one detail in TWELVE STEPS that I haven't been able to settle in my mind. Jarod Johnson, the boy Andi has crushed on for years. I know his smile, his eyes, his build, etc., but I've been going back and forth on his hair color the entire time I’ve been writing, and I finally figured out why that is: Jarod’s personality is a combination of two real guys I knew in high school (I was “madly in love” with each of them at one point or another). Both were tall with green eyes and smiles that would make your heart melt, but one was blond and one had dark hair. So in my mind, Jarod’s hair color keeps changing. Today, I have to make a once-and-for-all final decision, but I can't decide, and so far I have one strong vote for Dark Jarod and one strong vote for Light Jarod. And I've found pictures of two different boys who both look exactly like Jarod in my mind, even though they're very different.

If you've read TWELVE STEPS (or KISSING FROGS, my first manuscript - the one that tells Laina's side of the story), I need your help. Which one of these boys looks more like Jarod Johnson? I'm closing the poll at 10pm EST, so cast your vote soon! <3 (And thank you!!)

Light Side Jarod <-- Light Side Jarod

or Dark Side Jarod -->Dark Side Jarod

And to make things even more difficult, I found these pictures:

Dark Side Jarod (with Andi) <--Dark Side Jarod with Andi

or Light Side Jarod with Laina-->Light Side Jarod (with Laina)


Team Dark or Team Light?
Voting is closed! Thanks for your help! <3 free polls 



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