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Social Media Check-up Package

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Social Media Confusion

Twitter ... Facebook ... Tumblr ... Instagram ... Websites... Pintrest ...

It seems there's a new app or website to follow every day! And a great online presence is more important than ever. But it can sometimes be frustrationg and difficult to juggle everything. This package is designed to get you started with a consistent look across your various social media platforms, so your audience will instantly recognize you everywhere.

Customize Your Social Media Check-up Package to Include:

Headers for your webpage and various social media sites -- sized for optimal display on the website and tested to ensure that it will display pleasingly across multiple devices, so your message will be consistent whether your audience is viewing your feed on a computer, tablet, or phone. You have the option to have your headers match** or coodinate with each other.

(**I will do my best to make sure the headers look identical, with the appropriate ratios to fit the size specifications for each website/app)

Find your own fairy tale - Twitter header by VBartles Design



Coordinating Profile Avatar - I will size, crop, and enhance your favorite picture to make a custom avatar that coordinates with your new header images. So you can put your best face forward.

Veronica Bartles with kissing frog avatar

Twibbon Campaign - To allow your fans and followers to easily promote your book or cause on their own profile pics with a simple click of a button.

I totally need a twelve-step program. - Twibbon campaign

If you would like your headers/profile to reflect your book, I will need a high-resolution image of your book cover (layered .psd files are preferable - your publisher will often provide you with this file upon request - but if you don't have the .psd file, a high-resolution cover photo will work). I will also need any additional images or artwork you would like to include. If you want images other than your cover art, and you don't have them, I would be happy to help you find the perfect images.


** Note: Prices DO NOT include proofreading / copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included in your designs before submitting the information to me, and please double-check all proofs thoroughly, as I will not be responsible for typos or misinformation in your final images!

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