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How it Works: What I Need from You, and What You Can Expect from Me

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To order, check out my prices* & guidelines, and then contact me to order!

Although I got my start putting together promotional materials for my debut novel, TWELVE STEPS, you don't have to be a published author to take advantage of my services. No book cover to start with? Looking for non-book-related designs? No problem! I can design whatever images you need from your own photos and artwork, or we can find stock photos to fit your needs.

The only caveat is that you must have permission to use the artwork/photos. Images you download from the internet are copyrighted, and you must purchase a license for that art before using it in your own promotional materials. Yes, even if you aren't selling the images.
let your ideas take flight

What I Need From You:

1. A high-resolution copy of your book cover (absolutely necessary if I'm creating swag for your book) and/or other images you want included in your design


If you aren't looking for book-specific designs (or if you want me to create a cover design for your self-published book), we can discuss the look / feel you want, and I can find the necessary images for you.

2. Any text, links, etc. you would like included (including tag line, release date, website url, etc.)

3. A link to the website you will be using to print your swag when the designs are complete. For best results, and to ensure that your design will fit the specifications of the printer you plan to use, I need to be able to check the exact measurements from their templates. (Many sites differ in the amount of "bleed" - the extra space around the edges of your image - required for their designs. I need to know which template to work from for your swag.)


You can skip the hassle and order many of your printed swag items (bookmarks, postcards, trading cards, business cards, posters, etc.) directly through me. See a list of available items with prices/quantities here.

Helpful, but not absolutely necessary:

1. Any layered files your publisher may have given you (often, you can ask for these files, and they'll send them to you for things like this)


3. Release Date

4. Publisher logo (if I already have the logo, I don't need you to provide it)

5. Book blurb (or any book information you want included)

6. Author photo & bio (if desired)

7. Praise or reviews

8. Any other information you would like included

Veronica Bartles, author of THE PRINCESS AND THE FROGS and TWELVE STEPS

Questions? Please Contact me!

So how does it all work?

You contact me to let me know which designs you're interested in, & we set a schedule that works for both your calendar and mine.

Please allow at least two weeks turnaround time. (Larger, or more custom projects may take even longer, though many projects will have quicker turnaround times.) If you need something right away to meet specific deadlines, please let me know. I willl do everything in my power to get your designs back to you in plenty of time to meet your deadlines with no added fees for "rush" jobs. However, I prioritize projects on a first-come-first-served basis, and if I already have several projects in the queue, I may not be able to accommodate an extra-short turnaround time. (I will let you know when you initially contact me if there will be a problem with meeting your deadline.)


I'll send you some questions to answer, so I can get a sense of what you're looking for.

Don't worry. If you're still trying to figure things out, I'm happy to brainstorm some options with you to help you figure out exactly what you want.


You send me the image files (book cover, etc.) you want to use in your designs.

A lot of the design work I do is in designing bookmarks, postcards, etc. for authors looking to promote their books. But what if you don't have a book cover? No worries! I can design cards, web banners and more for whatever you are wanting to promote. (And if you're an indie author in need of a book cover or formatting for your self-published book, I can totally help with that too!) If you don't have artwork already, I can help you find some. I have some great resources for affordable, high-quality stock photo licensing, and if you want something completely custom, I can recommend some great artists.


I will do my best to make the stock photos/illustrations unique to you, so people won't have the "I recognize that stock photo!" moment of deja vu when they see your book covers or swag.

I'll do this by first, trying to find images that haven't been used, and second, altering the images to fit your unique project, so they don't have that "stock photo" look. This is how I got the logo image for my graphic design page.

creating a custom image from stock photos




*Package prices listed include the cost of royalty-free stock images licensed for your design package, up to the number of images noted on the package detail page. These are basic image licenses only - for use on things like book covers and promotional materials. If you need an extended license, or if your design requires more artwork than the number of images allowed in the package description, I would be happy to help you find the perfect options as inexpensively as possible. (Note: you will need an extended license if you plan to use the images on products for sale where the main value of the product is in the image - like t-shirts or mugs. You will also need an extended license if you will be distributing more than 500,000 copies of your book or swag items.)

** Note: Package prices DO NOT include proofreading/copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included before submitting, as I will not be responsible for typos/misinformation in your final images (unless the mistakes are a result of a copy/paste error on my part).

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