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Getting Started

Click on small sample pictures to see a full-sized version of the image.

To order, check out my ordering instructions & design guidelines, and then contact me for a quote!

let your ideas take flight - a bird rising from the smoke of a lightbulb on fire

Contact me for a quote! Be ready to answer the following questions:

What swag / web images do you need?

When do you need them?

Do you need full-service printing, or just the designs (so you can order from your favorite printer)?

Will you need custom artwork or stock photos, or do you already have the images needed?

(Please be sure you have the proper permissions to use all images desired. Just because you can download it for free online doesn't mean you are allowed to use it!)

Once we have all of the details nailed down, and we've set a tentative date for the designs to be completed, I will send you a Paypal invoice.

* 25% of your package payment is due up-front.

(If your total is under $100, please plan on a 50% deposit. The remainder will be due when files are ready to be delivered.)

This is your deposit, which reserves your spot in my design schedule. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a space on my calendar until your deposit is received.


* 50% of your package payment (plus any extra fees for additional stock photos or add-on services you may have requested) is due once we've agreed upon a design.

Once this payment is received, I will give you an estimate on when you can expect the designs to be finalized, so you know what to expect. I will purchase the stock image licenses you have approved and create your high-quality image files.(**Please note: any changes requested after the proofs have been approved will result in a delay in delivery of your final images, as well as an additional design fee. Please look over the proofs carefully and request any changes before you pay this installment!)


* Pay the remaining 25% (plus any applicable printing/shipping charges) when I'm ready to deliver your final designs to you.

As soon as I receive this final payment, I will transfer the high-quality final designs to you, and you can order your swag from whichever printer you like to use.

Or, if your quote includes full-service printing, I will order the items for you and have them shipped directly to your door!

large, retractable vinyl banners to advertise books at festivals and more bookmarks large, retractable vinyl banners to advertise books at festivals and more bookmarks

Feeling a bit like Goldilocks?

Goldilocks and the three design choices

If you are having trouble figuring out what swag (and what quantities) are "just right" for you, please Contact Me, and I will help you figure out what meets your goals/budget.

** Note: Prices DO NOT include proofreading / copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included in your designs before submitting the information to me, and please double-check all proofs thoroughly, as I will not be responsible for typos or misinformation in your final images!

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