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Contest / Event Package

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To order, check out my prices* & guidelines, and then contact me to order!

Planning an online writing contest or other event? Eye-catching, coordinated graphics will help you spread the word! This package includes everything from a custom Twitter header/profile picture for your official event account to invitation graphics, custom profile pictures for your events teams, and trophies for the winners!

($290 Savings Over Ala Carte!)

Package includes***:

Two stock images, which will be used to create coordinating graphics for your entire contest/event - Including:

Twitter/Facebook/Website headers for your official event pages - Up to 3 matching headers, each sized for optimal display on the selected social media site. (optional: for a small additional fee, I can make each header slightly different, but still coordinating for branding purposes)

#MSWL and #PitMatch official twitter header (also optional facebook and website headers)


1 Profile picture for your official event account

Cupid avatar for #MSWL #PitMatch twitter contest 2016

Up to 30!! Customized Profile Avatars - Using the stock images included in this package, I will create a team logo for each team (up to 4 teams total) and add the appropriate team logo to the avatar for EACH participating judge/mentor/team member on your event staff for up to 30 participants (more custom avatars available, upon request, for an additional fee)

Author Cupid Veronica Bartles Editor Cupid avatar #MSWL and #PitMatch

Up to 4 Team Photo graphics - a collage graphic combining the profile pictures for the members of each team into an easy-share graphic. (if you have more than four teams, you may add extra team logos/team photos for an additional fee)

#MSWL and #PitMatch Agent and Editor Cupid Team - group photo

2 Easy-share Invitation graphics to advertise your event ... one invitation to send out in advance, to help spread the word about your event

#MSWL and #PitMatch event invitation #1

... and one invitation to remind everyone about the event a day or two prior to the kick-off

#PitMatch & #MSWL event invitation

4 easy-share infographics with rules/instructions for your event - These days, there's no shortage of writing contests. And it sometimes gets difficult for writers to keep them all straight. Make it easy on those entering your contest with easy-reference, shareable infographics highlighting the rules that make your contest unique.

#PitMatch & #MSWL Rules infographic 2016

#PitMatch & #MSWL Cupid contest rules infographics

1 Team Photo to announce the winning team - Keep the excitement rolling when your contest ends. A "team photo" to announce the winning team is easy for participants to retweet and share, building excitement for the next time!

Author Cupid Winning Team - Trophy group shot #PitMatch and #MSWL

(optional) 1 Easy-share infographic to announce winner rankings when the contest is over (you must provide me with the information to include on this winners' list) - In addition to a winning "team," you may have individual, overall winners for the contest. If desired, we can create a Top 10 list to share the rankings for these individual winners.

#PitMatch Most Accurate Cupid Top 10 List #MSWL

Up to 2 Trophy Web Buttons for the winners - Give your winning teams something to put on the sidebar of their blogs/websites to brag about their winning status. At 250px square, these buttons are perfectly sized for sharing on most sidebars. Not only will these buttons give your winners the bragging rights they deserve, but they'll keep excitement going until the next edition of your contest!

#PitMatch Most Accurate Cupid Trophy Web Button_#PitMatch Champion Cupid Web Button #MSWL

*** If the package here doesn't fit your contest/event needs, feel free to contact me, and I will construct a custom event graphics package just for you!

*Package prices listed include the cost of royalty-free stock images licensed for your design package, up to the number of images noted on the package detail page. These are basic image licenses only - for use on things like book covers and promotional materials. If you need an extended license, or if your design requires more artwork than the number of images allowed in the package description, I would be happy to help you find the perfect options as inexpensively as possible. (Note: you will need an extended license if you plan to use the images on products for sale where the main value of the product is in the image - like t-shirts or mugs. You will also need an extended license if you will be distributing more than 500,000 copies of your book or swag items.)

** Note: Package prices DO NOT include proofreading/copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included before submitting, as I will not be responsible for typos/misinformation in your final images (unless the mistakes are a result of a copy/paste error on my part).

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