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How Payments Work
& Build-Your-Own Package Options

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To order, check out my prices* & guidelines, and then contact me to order!

let your ideas take flight - a bird rising from the smoke of a lightbulb on fire

Ala Carte Pricing Options:
(ala carte prices listed are for basic designs and do not include stock photos - for more custom options, or if you need help finding stock images, please contact me for a quote) * Single Web Graphic - $30
* Twitter/Facebook Banner - $35
* Animated .gif - $30-$50 (depending upon the complexity of the animation)
* Postcards, etc. (double-sided designs for print) - $35
* Contact me for prices on printed ala carte items!

Available Packages:
* Social Media Check-up Package - $100
* Book Launch / Blog Tour Package - $500
* Contest / Event Package - $400
* Book Swag Package - $300
* Indie Author Publishing Package - $700
* Monthly Subscription Package - $50-$67/mo., depending upon length of subscription

Now that you've browsed through the different design packages I have to offer, and decided which services best fit your needs, it's time to order! Here's how the process works:

To order, contact me to let me know what designs you would like, and once we've set a tentative date for the designs to be completed, I will send you a Paypal invoice.

* 25% of your package payment is due up-front. (For ala carte orders under $100, please plan on a 50% deposit. The remainder will be due when files are ready to be delivered.)

This is your deposit, which reserves your spot in my design schedule.

For 12-month subscription packages, this deposit also covers your first month's graphic design. No further payment is required for the first month.

* 50% of your package payment (plus any extra fees for additional stock photos or add-on services you may have requested) is due once we've agreed upon a design.

Then, I will purchase the stock image licenses you have approved and create your high-quality image files.

For subscription packages, you'll pay your full monthly payment amount (less deposit credit) at this time.

12-month packages (starting in month 2): $41/month, except the 12th month, when you will pay only $40

6-month packages: $41.25/month

3-month packages: $50/month

* Pay the remaining 25% when I'm ready to deliver your final designs to you.

As soon as I receive this final payment, I will transfer the high-quality final designs to you!

For subscription packages, I will deliver your designs as soon as they are completed, as you will have already paid in full for the month.


Feeling a bit like Goldilocks?

Goldilocks and the three design choices

If none of my standard design packages are "just right" for your needs, just send me an email to let me know what you're looking for! I can create a custom package just for you from a variety of alacarte design options.

*Package prices listed include the cost of royalty-free stock images licensed for your design package, up to the number of images noted on the package detail page. These are basic image licenses only - for use on things like book covers and promotional materials. If you need an extended license, or if your design requires more artwork than the number of images allowed in the package description, I would be happy to help you find the perfect options as inexpensively as possible. (Note: you will need an extended license if you plan to use the images on products for sale where the main value of the product is in the image - like t-shirts or mugs. You will also need an extended license if you will be distributing more than 500,000 copies of your book or swag items.)

** Note: Package prices DO NOT include proofreading/copy editing. Please make sure to proofread all of the information you want included before submitting, as I will not be responsible for typos/misinformation in your final images (unless the mistakes are a result of a copy/paste error on my part).

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