19 Days of Art Challenge

19 Days of Art Challenge

For our anniversary, my amazing Artist Hubby, Philip Bartles, promised to draw a new picture every day for nineteen days. And I agreed to write a super-short story (one page or less) for each day's art. A lot of people gave us really fun suggestions for the daily pictures, so the styles run from cartoon-inspired fan art to detailed line drawings. (Note: I discovered that the pictures of already-established characters were the most difficult for me to write stories about. I guess that's why I never write fan fiction!)


Day 1: VeggieSaurus RexAvengers of Poseidon Darkwing Ducktales Fox in Socks Swedish Chef Manti Temple Goldipunzel (Goldfish Rapunzel)Piper FrogLeprechaunDay 10: BugboyCinderella Chuck vs. Rapunzel (Zachary Levi)Bugboy Escapes19 Day Art Challenge - Day #14: A Fort Knight Fionn mac Cumhaill Elvish Warrior with Butterfly Day 17: Dancing Girl Day 18: Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque Day 19: Happy Crab


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